A Corporate Account Of How To Chase The Dream Body, Job And Life

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before”.  Albert Einstein

Even Einstein had an amazing appreciation not just for women but also the taste of adventure and discovery. Now I’m no Einstein, although sometimes my morning afro curls tend to resemble that crazy messed up Einstein hair but I think I know what he’s talking about.

I have been that one chasing that crowd, I did what I needed to do like a perfectly trained pet. I got up in the morning rushed and did my daily insane cardio routine like 90% of the females out there.  I took that interesting train ride to work, dosed in and out of consciousness as I pondered about living some alternate life as a mover a maker and a force. I went through the motions at work like a robot and got comfortable. Sure I had a degree in Exercise Science and a background in injury management but I sure wasn’t practicing what my foundations were.

Dealing with deadlines, ministerial and restructures one after another I found myself with an extra large derriere (even though I did spin, pump, step class) and lower back pain. I was so use to popping the anti-inflammatory drugs that I neglected my food and mental health.

Corporate life gave me security. It gave me a weird title that my family thought had value because it was secure and security meant you were taken care of.  Until the universe shifted and I was left with making a decision, I could go back into the office and just exist like a cute little office calculator or take the plunge.

During the process of elimination I listened to people tell me not to do it, then I listened to my head, which told me I was crazy. Late at night a little voice would echo inside of me, when all the crazy insane thoughts subsided my soul spoke and a path was set.

Health and fitness was always a part of my life, it came naturally and I didn’t even know it. Women are emotional and it’s a trait that is ingrained in us, this is why we are Mother’s and child bearer’s and nurturers. However, this emotional side tends to stop us from making decisions in a rational form. You think that’s a bad thing? Well for my situation it was s good thing. We tend to squash that intuition these days. My intuition was a very strong Arab woman standing on top of a mountain screaming at the top of her lungs YALLAH YALLAH YALLAH! (translation go, go go!).

Well nothing about life is ever black and white and my journey is still a journey. I’m trying to make a mark in this health and fitness industry and fighting the stigma that girls can’t lift or even train guys. In a male dominated world I’m competing against a lot,  let alone judging aesthetic driven females. So next time you see a girl doing squats or deadlifts with crazy Einstein hair making some noise as she drops her bar, go up to her and give a kind word. It doesn’t cost much for a kind word, who knows you might actually stop the spin classes and pick up some weights. Don’t worry you won’t end up like a female Popeye but you might get stronger, leaner and be able to do a chin up.

Takeaway’s? It’s never too late to listen to that driven voice inside that intuition that tells you ‘Drop that piece of chocolate’. Strength doesn’t always mean how heavy you lift, how far you run or the amount of money you make. Strength is that elevated feeling you have when you know that you have taken the plunge dropped to the bottom of the ocean and all you have is a constant stream of elevation.

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