Mobility, Why It's Not Just For Your Nana

When you think of mobility I guarantee 98.9% of you think of your Nana or Grandpa sitting on their favourite chair and you watching them as they struggle to get up out of their seat while resting one hand on their lower back or even your shoulder.

News flash!!!

Athletes and every other person on earth needs mobility as well. Gob smacked?  Well  a lot of people seem to be when I mention the essence of generating speed and power comes in part from being good at mobility.

Think of it this way, if your favourite rugby league player didn’t have mobility do you think they could bend down and pick up a ball in under 1-2 seconds to off load it? How about the number 1 female tennis player in the world? If she didn’t work on her hip mobility do you actually think her body would be able to take the pressure of running on such a hard surface for hours and the gruelling physical preparation for competition.

How does this apply to you?

I will give you three quick tests that you can do at home to see if mobility is an issue for you.

  1. Can you touch your toes (no cheating knees locked out)?
  2. How low can you squat?
  3. Can you roll back with your feet over your head?

If you answered YES to all three #wow


If you answered NO to any of these, chances are you need to work on your mobility. You want to be able to not only lengthen your muscles but prepare your joints for the everyday activities you do.

Think of mobility as WD40 for the joints, everything rust’s eventually but if you could actually prevent the rapid progression of it would you? Make a conscious effort to be aware of your body and it will not only thank you but save you money in the long run. Think of all the $$$ you’ve spent on physio, chiro and osteo treatments in the past, what if you could prehab your body before it needs the rehab? More money in the bank and more time on your hands to spend doing the things you love.

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