Trying To Heal In A World Of Haters


I seem to always get in trouble for saying it how it is, from when we are kids we are always encouraged to tell the truth and be honest. It is drilled into us like the Pizza Hut Melody 9481 11 11 – be honest and things will work out.

Well I have discovered that honesty isn’t always what people want, how can I say this? Well I am sure that you all have said something and thought ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have given my honest opinion?’. We all know that we need to be honest so why do we feel so bad when we do tell the truth?  I am going to try and answer this…

From corporate broad to bodybuilding figure competitor I see the ugly head of the ‘two faced’ persona coming up. I thought that persona was only hidden in the corporate world but oh dear was I absolutely wrong about that. The two faced persona is the type of person you meet who is polite , friendly and well presented. They engage with you on a friend level and appear to have a caring nature and will agree with you on any level. Sounds glorious doesn’t it? Until small cracks start to appear, your instincts start initiating a get out clause but you are too naive to see and squash the paranoid murmur.  Does this sound familiar?

Time passes by and even though the signs of two faced persona are obvious you still prod along on your journey to heal the world until one day she shows her face and you are absolutely blown away. The sad thing is that they have the skills to lure you in as a friend and then when you least expect it annihilate you like Kryptonite to Superman. The poor bugger didn’t even stand a chance.

So why do people adopt the ‘two faced’ persona? Some human behavioural books call it narcissism it could be an insecurity thing, miscommunication or is it survivor? It could be many of these things but the one thing I can guarantee is that there is an agenda. So why in the fitness industry where we are trying to heal people and help them build better bodies for the future insist on drowning each other out. Yeah I expected it climbing up the corporate ladder because everyone is too busy writing submissions to exercise or food prep so they don’t priorities health. From the get go we are taught that exercising releases happy hormones and happy hormones should make you happy right? So why aren’t fitness people happy?

It’s because there is no common why and therefore no solid cohesion. So how do you heal in a world of haters? Well you just keep going because you have a why. At the end of the day maybe the haters don’t have a ‘why’ and their confusion in life makes them so angry and resentful that anyone who wants to heal the automatic response is to destroy.

Don’t worry just keep healing eventually they will run out of steam and you will be too focused on your journey to even realise.

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  • Max

    Hey Sally, maybe it just the way you perceive it. Instead of asking why there are so many haters try asking yourself why does it occur to me that people are haters? Is this just my perception of reality? What is this perception based upon? Do I just want to believe in it because it makes me justified/right/better than others? What’s my payoff for feeling this way? What is the cost? Is it worth to keep being right? Or can I move on and not let it bother me any longer?

    • Thanks for the comment Max, you are right it is definitely about perception!