Why I Train Hot Pregnant Mummas

Well my Mamma did plenty of deadlifts, squats and presses when she was pregnant. Yep you read that correctly and no need to read that line again. My Mamma has 5 alright kids and 1 amazing beast (yes that’s me). It took her a while to perfect it but geeeez gotta give the lady points for perseverance.


Alright maybe Mamma didn’t hit the local gym but she did garden, mow the lawn (in a gym it’s the dreaded sled) carry heavy shopping bags and kids. I’m not saying all pregnant Mammas should go out and do all of this, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, however, movement and pregnant Mammas is definitely important.


The lovely Mammas I train always tell me they feel so good after they train and they aren’t lying because the latest research continues to reveal that exercising during pregnancy leaves the mother feeling good and that it’s also beneficial for healthy foetal outcomes.


So is it safe to exercise whilst you are pregnant? Well as long as you’re healthy and your pregnancy is normal, it’s safe to continue or start exercising, but you may need to make a few changes. Before you exercise check with your obstetrician and know that modifications will definitely be required both during and after pregnancy.


So it’s never too late to train!


It’s actually a great time to start healthy eating and exercising during pregnancy. The World Health Organization and the American College of Sports Medicine have issued evidence-based recommendations indicating the benefits of exercise in most adults are indisputable and that the benefits far outweigh the risk.


The following are some benefits of exercising for Mammas:

  • maintenance of general fitness and health
  • preparation for labour and enhance recovery after labour
  • preserve strength during pregnancy
  • improved mood.


In case you need any more reasons to exercise visit www.fitpregnancy.com/exercise/prenatal-workouts/33-reasons-exercise-now.


Common issues in pregnancy are nothing like in the movies. It’s no Bridget Jones with two different Dad’s running out in the middle of the night to satisfy a heavily pregnant chick who requests a weird peanut butter and vegemite concoction. It’s more like this the pelvis and its joints are particularly vulnerable to instability during pregnancy due to the load and hormonal change. Mammas will also go through such things as; weight gain, postural change, weakened abdominals and emotional change.


So what does this all mean in combination with exercise? If you have no issues with your pregnancy and your health professional agrees then exercise is definitely a benefit for you and your baby. Remember it’s not about hitting a personal best or running a marathon, it’s about feeling good, preparing for this amazing experience and maintaining muscle memory along the way.


Hot Mummas

Cold Mummas

They always complain

They are sometimes a drain

But without you there is no me 

So thank you Mumma 

Your love is the key  



Remember Sharing Is Caring

Sally Strengf



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    Fantastic informative read! Good to Know im on the right direction and your rIght about exercising making you feel good !