Sally Says LIVE: Spine Health Is King

Sally says: Spine Health Is King #spine #sallystrengf #chrio #waterloo #lowerbackpain #movement #exercise #health #fitness #spiderman #wonderwoman

Posted by SallyStrengf on Monday, 3 April 2017

Spine health is super important right? Of course it is what a silly question to ask. So if you think that your spine and your bones are so important then you need to watch this video.

In this video I team up with local Waterloo chiropractor Daniel Gilmore and discuss why movement is so important for your spine and general health.

You all know I love Wonder Woman so naturally we discuss superhero’s, lower back pain (which clearly go hand in hand fending off those band guys) and what to expect when you take up a consult with a chiropractor such as Daniel.

So if you have ever wondered what a chiropractor really does click on the video and have a little sneaky peaky.

Sally Strengf