Sally’s Sessions: Why are you so afraid of 5am? Ep#1

Sally’s Sessions, helping everyday people like you get the best out of 2018

Well I’m so excited to take you through my very first episode of Sally’s Sessions.

Sally’s Sessions are a series of live video’s on my Facebook page where I get up at 5am to host my show. In 2017 I always seemed to run out of time and so this year I wanted to maximise my time so I can get more into my day. So I decided to wake up at 5am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to give you all the latest information on movement, mindset and health.

Episode 1 – Why are you afraid of 5am?

– Act Early To Be Successful
– It’s 15 days into the New Year have you acted on all those New Years resolutions?

Top tips to kick start your 2018 with a bang

1. Write down your goals
2. Commit
3. Persist


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