Sally Says: Move & Feel Good Beginner Workout

My name is Sally and I help everyday people just like you with your movements, mindset and health.

Today’s short video I will take you through some quick and easy movements you can do at home or outside (you don’t even need a gym)

What you need:
1. Comfortable clothing (preferably workout gear or loose clothing)
2. Chair or a park bench
3. Most importantly a fabulous you

1. Kettlebell
2. Bag of rice 1kg or 2kg
3. Resistance band (Kmart)

How much and how long?
It’s all about progression, start with 10-12 repetitions with 3 rounds and then every week add another round. Make sure you rest in between the 10-12 repetitions for about 30 seconds. It should take you from 10-15 minutes to complete the session.

Advanced movers?
You can either add weight to the workouts start with 5kg and add more repetitions as you see yourself recovering quicker.

More advanced movers?
Join a gym and invest in a great coach that will listen to you and work with you to reach your goals.

Need a coach?
I know a good one, send me a message and mention this video to get some great offers.