Evolving Ev- Meet My Client Ev

Meet my client Ev, she is ever evolving. How? This is not a 6 week challenge that’s why.

Ev has been training with me for a few years now and she is a perfect example of consistency, failure, triumph and glory.

Ev is definitely still growing and changing and we have obstacles that we encounter but she is doing all the right things to set herself up constantly with success.

Now let me paint a picture here, Ev had tried all those different training methods as well as the latest ‘diet’ trends that are not realistic to maintain. Ev did so much cardio, then she did nothing then she jumped back on that bike and tried again.

After numerous failed attempts to stick at it, we met (a sign from above I know).

The rest as you say is history, watch the video and listen to Ev’s story.

Are you an Ev? Does this story sound familiar?

Join us!