Meet Your Personal Trainer Episode 1: All Your Trainer Does Is Train

What do you think your personal trainer does?

My sister thinks I ride unicorns and rainbows.

My barista thinks I just drink coffee and chat all day

My clients think I drink wayyyy too much coffee.

This is a tough business, not only do you need to look the part or there’s an expectation of it but you have to train and be there for all.

I get it, you think it’s a day full of training.

Well NEWSFLASH it really isn’t.

I mean this week I haven’t even trained because just like you sometimes I don’t feel so flashy.

Welcome to the life of your personal trainer, trying to help you look and feel good not just for 6 weeks but for a lifetime.

Watch my video below and take a look at the glamorous day in the life of your personal trainer.

Sally x