The Donut Diet

14 days of donuts

You read it correctly I did a 14 day donut diet.


Well during COVID-19 lock down I developed a slight tasty addiction to donuts. After the lock down I noticed that I had put on some extra kg’s and I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked and felt.

I initially was just going to document a mini shred but thought to myself why not do something different.

If you had told me five years ago that someone would be doing a donut diet I would’ve been appalled and shocked. I would’ve labelled it irresponsible and just plain dumb to promote junk food.

As a personal trainer there is an expectation that you just eat broccoli and chicken with brown rice and if you eat processed food then you aren’t healthy. So I decided to flip the script on food and diet to show everyone that you can still eat a donut and lose weight.

How did I go?

I started off with 2100 calories which included roughly 140g protein, 250g carbs, 80g fats and 30g of plant based fibre per day. If you would like to work out your calorie intake follow the link calorie calculator.

I was also training 4 days per week for 30 minutes and my effort was 60-70%, that is where my energy levels were at the time. I was sleeping 7-8 hours per night and consuming around 1-2 litres of water depending on how thirsty I was.

Well day 1-4 were awesome! I bought a pack of chocolate glazed donuts from Woolworths and they were about 250-270 calories each. They were that tasty that I could’ve easily eaten two but I was determine to stick to my calories.

During the first few days I lost 400g, some people would see that as a massive win but it could’ve been due to the following:

  • Dehydrated
  • Not enough veggies
  • Went to the bathroom
  • Carb consumption was low

Towards the 5-14 day mark I was  getting bored of the same donuts and so I went in search of ‘fancy’ donuts. When I say fancy I mean high calorie and expensive both to my wallet and also to my total daily calorie limit.

Some donuts were so high in calorie it was like I could’ve had two eggs, 1 piece of sourdough, slice of bacon, mushroom, spinach and butter.

That meant that I wasn’t full and I had to eat less that day.

During the experiment I gained weight but not because of the donuts, it was because I was menstruating and a lot of females tend to hold on to fluid during this time. This is totally normal check out a study that was done on females and weight gain during ovulation Fluid retention during menstruation study

Towards the end of the experiment I lost the WOW factor. What is that? You know that feeling you get when you are about to consume something super delicious that you haven’t had in such a long time? I don’t normally eat donuts every day and now here I am eating the most indulgent donuts and it’s not doing anything for me.

I’m sorry it sounds a bit disappointing but that’s how I felt.

It was also really interesting to see people’s reaction to my donut diet. Some people were shocked, entertained and some even warned me against it because DONUT’S ARE SO BAD SALLY.

At the end of the 14 days I was slightly relieved that it was finished but thankful that I maintained the 2100 calories per day and was able to lose 1.5kg (73.3kg to 71.8kg). That is actually a lot and I feel as though that finishing my menstruation cycle and losing the excess fluid might have something to do with the steep decrease in weight loss.

What were my takeaways?

  1. 100% calories matter

I have seen thousands of people and had another thousand conversations with people who SWEAR on God and the universe that they are calorie counting and can’t lose weight.

9/10 you are underreporting and not calorie counting, olive oil is healthy but it’s also high in calories. Don’t forget that chai latte or juice that you are having.

2. Donuts are tasty

I don’t have much to say about that they just taste so damn good.

3. Donuts are expensive

The longer I did the experiment the more I wanted to experience a bit more excitement and I wanted more tasty donuts. The tasty donuts are the more expensive $$ and they took a large chunk out of my 2100 calorie per day quota.

This means that everytime you go and eat thai, burger or any form of takeaway you need to take that into account. Sushi is a sneaky one, it is super tasty but the rice has a sugar and vinegar mixture which is high in calories not to mention the mayonise that goes on top.

4. I got shamed

People were telling me that I would get fat and that I was crazy plus more cellulite would increase. GUYS IT’S ONE DONUT FOR 14 DAYS.

Gaining weight is cumulative, it doesn’t just happen overnight.

Real women have cellulite it is totally normal (when I say real I mean not edited on Instagram or on the web)

Cellulite could be due to: alcohol, coffee, hormones, genetics, being inactive, poor diet to name a few.

Here’s a great article on cellulite I found.

5. Fat-loss takes time

You don’t need to have the patience of a saint to be successful in fat loss but you need to be consistent.

No detox, no pill, no shake no magic machine is going to do it for you it takes hard work and perseverance.

Will I continue to eat donuts? Hell yes and I am glad that I did it because it has definitely encouraged me to have a healthier relationship with food and not bury myself with guilt if I do.

If you are active 90% of the time and you’re nutrition, sleep, water and stress levels are managed a donut or two will not break the budget.

6. Nutrition is absolutely important- protein, fats, carbs and plant based fibre.

Would I do the donut diet again? Probably not, would I eat a donut again ABSOLUTELY!

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