How To Start To Exercise

We can safely say that when we start to exercise we reap from many benefits such as  gaining lean muscle, increase your overall body strength as well as tendon and ligament strength and increase bone density. Let’s also not forget the benefits to posture, blood pressure and other biomarkers.

Let’s be honest, when your average Jane or Joe goes into your big box commercial gym the only thing on their mind is ‘I need to lose weight fast’  or  ‘I have six weeks to into my clothes’.

If this sounds like you or if you have ever felt this way I am guilty of this myself. We’re all human and who doesn’t want to look and feel great?

Ok so let’s start with your why. This isn’t a Simon Senik promo but I have read the book and it is amazing. Although seriously before you begin anything you need to figure out and dig down to discover the reason why. I will share with you below as to the reasons behind this way of thinking.

In a 2013 study Boring but Important: A Self-Transcendent Purpose for Learning Fosters Academic Self-Regulation 2000students were tested to see what makes them more adherent to studies.

‘The results were students spent twice as long on their review questions when they had just written about how truly understanding the subject area could allow them to contribute to the world beyond the self, compared to controls.’

So the question to you is………..

How will exercise contribute to your world?

Will it help you function better or be a happier daughter or son?

Will beginning an exercise program create less aliments so you can be with the person you love longer?

Do you have kids and is playing with your kids, providing for them and going to work to help care for them or just be there for them a reason why you need to exercise?

Are you currently a carer and is someone depending on you?

Before you begin your exercise program or if you have a trainer they should be asking you the following:

  1. What is your goal?

Are you here to make the Olympics in powerlifting or are you aiming to qualify a marathon? As you can tell the needs of these athletes are completely polar opposites.

Are you like many that want to lose a bit of fat, get lean and fit?

  • Do you have any injuries?

Anything to prevent you from performing movements?

  • How committed are you?

If you didn’t reach your goal would you care?

Let’s be real. Embarking on a program requires change. It requires dedication, time management and calorie counting at some stage.

These points aren’t here to put you off but to challenge you to put pen to paper and actually be real and honest with yourself.

Too many times I have seen clients who are so enthusiastic when joining a gym or training with a trainer, which is great but they don’t realise that all the Instagram filters don’t really apply to real life.

Basically it’s going to be hard going from not exercising and eating high calorie dense meals aka McDonald’s, Messina, KFC and consuming alcohol on a daily basis to actually reducing that amount and incorporating more plant based fibre, lean protein, complex carbohydrates and water.

If training at a gym is a bit of a jump or lifestyle change I recommend you try my 30 MOVE habit building intensive.

It does sounds intense? Well it sounds worse than it is. The idea behind my 30 MOVE is to help you ‘build a habit’. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth but for your muscles, organs and mind.

30 MOVE is 7 days per week for 30 days. Before you put your hands up and act all diva like, stop! it’s not that hard to brush your teeth every day right? Yes that’s right Sally. So get going kid and check out my 30MOVE habit building intensive to help you get into the habit on your way to be a better version of yourself today.

Start with 30 MOVE

Once you complete the 30 MOVE you can move onto the 30 ACTION. You will bring the tools you used in the previous habit building intensive into 30 ACTION.

Remember it’s about creating a consistent habit and that’s why I created it as a daily action.

The next segment is the 30 ACTION

The 30 ACTION encourages you to incorporate more nutrient dense foods into your nutrition. An example of a nutrient dense menu day looks like this:

Meal 1 – Low fat yogurt, oats plus handful of frozen raspberries

Meal 2- Deli turkey meat wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a light mayo

Meal 3 – Protein bar and apple

Meal 4 – ¼ BBQ chicken, salad and a baked potato

Meal 5 – Watermelon and a chocolate paddle pop (yes that is correct this is not a typo)

30 ACTION also includes movement which includes:

Week 1 – 10 minutes of HIT daily Here’s How To HIT

Week 2 – 15 minutes of body weight exercises

For example your initial program should look like this:

A1. Squats  ‘Here’s how to squat

A2. Single leg step ups  Here’s how to step up

A3. Push ups  Here’s how to push up

A4. Negative push up Here’s how to negative push up

The last phase is the 30 POWER, by now you are an absolute professional and feeling like you are creating a habit.

You are basically taking all the things you have learnt throughout the other 30 habit building intensive and you apply it here.


What happens if I miss a day?

 Don’t worry you can move to the next day

I can’t do a specific exercise

Create a progressive version for example can’t squat – use a chair and sit down and stand up

I don’t have time to cook

Use the no cook approach yogurt, tuna, lean deli meats, tomato, cucumber, salads, frozen veggies and my favourite chipotle sauce

I like to snack

I like to snack as well, adding fruit to your snacks is a great way to increase your fibre intake to keep you fuller

Now what Sally?

All you need to do is begin, you got this. If you have any questions or if you found this helpful send me an email at or follow me on Instagram Me Movement and send me a message.

Yeager, Henderson, D’Mello, Paunesku, Walton, Spitzer, Lee Duckworth, Boring but Important: A Self-Transcendent Purpose for Learning Fosters Academic Self-Regulation. 2013