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Sally Says: Mental Health And Exercise

Mental Health is a state of well being according to the World Health Organisation Here I discuss how exercise affects your mental health and a few easy steps to make sure you incorporate exercise into your everyday life. Benefits of exercise on your mental health are: 1. Improves learning 2. Reduces brain fog aka 3pm…

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Sally’s Says: Boring Salad? Never in this household!

Sally Says: Boring Salad? Never in this household! Check out my go to super tasty salad inspired by the exotic country of Turkiye (Turkey) One thing I notice about my clients and the people I chat to is that we never consume enough plant based fibre. When I mention greens or salad everyone always thinks…

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Sally’s Sessions: Why are you so afraid of 5am? Ep#1

Sally’s Sessions, helping everyday people like you get the best out of 2018 Well I’m so excited to take you through my very first episode of Sally’s Sessions. Sally’s Sessions are a series of live video’s on my Facebook page where I get up at 5am to host my show. In 2017 I always seemed…

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Sally Says: 10 Quick Questions

This is my clients Susan and here we discuss how she became CLIENT OF THE MONTH! Susan is such an amazing client, artist, Mother and human. When you watch this video you will really understand why movement is essential in everyday life Sally Strengf x

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Sally Says LIVE: Spine Health Is King

Spine health is super important right? Of course it is what a silly question to ask. So if you think that your spine and your bones are so important then you need to watch this video. In this video I team up with local Waterloo chiropractor Daniel Gilmore and discuss why movement is so important…

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