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What It Feels Like Giving Birth To A Gay

David was like any other kid- fun, loving, social and a little more than annoying but his mum loved him. She remembers the first time he kicked whilst he was in her tummy as she lay in bed alone while her husband was working. That kick was the only comfort she had that night. She…

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All Things Lead To………..

All things lead to SHIT! Now before you think this is some rant about how bad life is and that you try so hard and nothing works this is not the self-loathing blog for you. This my dear is a blog about poo! You know the stuff that no one talks about or associates with…

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Does Exercise Affect Mental Health?

Hey Fatty! Yeah I’m talking to you, did I stutter? Wait Wait, before you close this window hear me out. Imagine ordering your coffee at your absolutely favourite coffee shop (where you secretly think the barista is giving you the eye) and they say “Hey Fatty”… Mortified? Yes, I would be too! Just typing the…

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